It’s finally here! This blog I mean.

With EDS, you have to count the simple things. Fall is here, and with it come the inevitable slew of…..FOLLOW UPS. More doctors appointments that you ever think might happen in two months, and you always imagine it won’t be as exhausting as it is, and promise that next year will be different! We do our best, but the reality of EDS conditions is that we learn to expect the unexpected.

Neurological manifestations are often unexpected, and even unknown to patients as neurologists have been some of the latest doctors to this party we call hypermobility spectrum disorders. To help with the education of patients and physicians, the Ehlers-Danlos Society, founded in the UK, hosts quarterly summits for attendees around the world. It was a privilege to attend the last seminar on Neurological Complications in Ehlers-Danlos in September!

For those who couldn’t attend, I humbly offer my notes for your studying pleasure! Several speakers were very rapid in their delivery so some gaps may be felt where a slide was missed. In spite of that, there is some incredible perspective shared here by doctors such as Petra Klinge and Fraser Henderson, who have been pioneers in the treatment of spine complications. Also included are migraines, physiotherapy and dysautonomia discussions. Enjoy –