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“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

-Desmond Tutu

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What Mistakes Do Patients Make?

"What mistakes as patients could we be making that we should be aware of?" I was recently asked this vital question. It is a brave one, a query most patients are constantly plagued by in their own thoughts but simultaneously reticent to consider. That is to be...

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Monkey Say, Monkey Do: Doctor Speak

In my work, I often hear frustration from physicians about how patients communicate. And I can sympathize, of course! When we're trying to solve a complex problem for someone it is difficult to get the information you need in the short time typically allowed! And if...

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Ehlers-Danlos/HSD’s and Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Let's talk ENT's, Vocal Therapists and Vocal dysfunction in EDS! My story: Severe chord bowing, hypertension in interior and exterior muscles, dystonia complicating all of the above, TMJ, resulting dysphagia - swallowing issues. Most EDSers develop at least one of...

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Grief as a Tool for Sensory Resilience

Over a decade ago now, I lost two children.  My babes were only a couple months old but as research has well established, our minds and bodies crave connection with loved ones regardless of how old they are or visually present, and I have deeply loved all 5 of my...

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