As your advocacy consultant I am dedicated to the following principles in my support for you or your loved one.

  • Utmost compassion and respect for you as an individual, and for your unique perspective on your medical journey, healthcare plans, treatments, needs, goals and hopes.
  • Open and honest disclosure of my services and abilities to serve you, on an ongoing basis. Should your needs extend beyond my competency I will not hesitate to help you find additional or alternative support.
  • Careful and thoughtful assessment of each individual case so that both you and I feel confident in the advocacy consulting – client relationship before moving forward.
  • Earnest dedication to helping you become your own best advocate so that you can approach any medical experience, workplace conditions or family members with confidence and peace.

Patient advocacy is a new profession that is not yet recognized with credentialing or certification nationally or internationally.  While my advocacy consulting services do not currently include accompanying patients to physician appointments or hospital attendance, I adhere to the same code of conduct (link right) as my fellow patient advocate professionals.

All clients will be provided with a complete privacy policies and client rights and responsibilities in writing prior to the start of services.

Rachel Lee Patient Advocacy Consulting, LLC is HIPAA complient.