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Rachel’s area wide provider list is shared in this group, and members are friendly, well informed, and ready to help. She also participates as both admin and patient.

What services do I provide?  Every patient is a unique and special case. As such, some services I can provide for you may not be listed below, but rest assured we will discuss your personalized needs thoroughly at your initial consult.

Each patient advocate has a special skill set and experience that informs their advocacy efforts. Mine are my personal experience with the conditions in which I specialize, and my background in education and research.  My approach to traditional advocacy services is strengthened by my experience in teaching a wide variety of subjects, high level academic research, and compassion for those who share my and my children’s  conditions: hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and the varied experiences of its co-conditions.

I welcome patients from any religious or non religious background, any ethnicity, or personal choices about the type of medical care you wish to receive be it clinical, traditional, alternative or integrative medicine. I do not support opioid use for pain management due to overwhelming research supporting it’s addictive nature, and aggravation to mast cells in the immune system (click here for more information). I advocate for equitable health care for all. Please contact me if you have further questions about my ability to advocate with you and for you.

My Services include but are not limited to:

              • Phone and online video advocacy consulting about the clients diagnoses, confirmed or suspected, plans of care, treatment options, procedures, therapies, and available medical care options from clinical to integrative and alternative.
              • Coordination of Care – strategic support for arranging appointments, consults, procedures, therapies, etc.
              • Appointment preparation – discussing issues ahead of time and creating a plan for communication with a medical professional.
              • Medical Communication Advocacy – assistance in communicating or learning to communicate with your medical team verbally, non-verbally and in writing. 
              • Assistance in developing a personal system for recording symptoms during discovery, treatment and long term health management phases, and ways to communicate symptoms to physicians that will keep them in mind of the big picture. 
              • Education about new diagnoses, suspected diagnosis, treatment options, procedures, therapies, medications and treatment options. 
              • Guidance in building a unique cultural approach to your long term health.
              • Assistance in finding new health care providers and confirming their ability to care for you. 
              • Educational support for parents and caregivers. 

“Advocacy is taking your story, your voice, your experience, and turning it into a positive force.”

-Chris Wilson, National Patient Advocacy Foundation

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site and the supporting attachments provided by Rachel Lee Patient Advocacy Consulting are for educational purposes only. Although we have performed extensive research regarding medical conditions, treatments, diagnoses, protocols and medical research, the staff of Rachel Lee Patient Advocacy Consulting are not licensed members of the North Carolina Medical Board or any clinical affiliates including but not limited to the NC Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, the NC board of Licensed Professional Counselors, or the NC board of Dietetics/Nutrition. Information provided by members of Rachel Lee Patient Advocacy Consulting should not be considered a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical doctor, counselor, therapist or other licensed clinical practitioner in handling your medical affairs.