Speaking Out about Autism!

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The Autism Spectrum

Knowledge of Autism has made leaps and bounds in recent years.  But general understanding of Autism and Autistic people remains, in many spheres, in the dark ages.  Clouded with negativity, fear and depression, Autism is treated as a disease that must be cured and fixed. As an Autistic woman and mother of two Autistic children, I am passionate about changing that narrative perspective.

Let’s talk about the incredible realm of non-verbal communication. Let’s talk about the culture and language that Autistic people develop naturally, regardless of what society they are born into, due to how their brain-bodies have rewired to cope with how much it feels!  As long we are considered alien or damaged-human-goods by the non-autistic community, Autistic people will never have the opportunity to learn to speak to the world. 

The majority of individuals on the autism spectrum are ALSO on the hypermobility spectrum, a spectrum which those of us with Ehlers-Danlos understand very well.  Joint pain, muscle aches, soft tissue injuries, nerve pain, binocular vision dysfunctions making teachers and parents think we can’t read or have uncontrollable ADHD, autonomic dysfunction making us constantly dizzy and off balance, and even more severe neurological and spine manifestations may be working against our efforts and the efforts of our loved ones to help us.

Unlike non-autistic people, however, many of us cannot tell you how we feel and how pain might be impacting our lives. From physical health and mental health, to friendships and learning to speak Autie, let’s talk, share, and change the spectrum of Autism from one of darkness to one of hope. Let me introduce you, teachers and students, to some of the most loyal, imaginative, dedicated people you will ever meet. Let me share with you, caregivers, about the love and joy your child may not be able to communicate in a way you can feel it, but show you how to LEARN to.

Let’s Speak Out – About Autism Awareness.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

-Maya Angelou