Consult Descriptions

If you have not yet read about what patient advocacy is, or my list of services, check out What is Patient Advocacy Consulting? 

Initial Consult

Our first visit together is all about you. Using the information provided on your intake forms we will build a clear picture of where you are at in your medical journey. From there I will ask personal questions to help articulate what your needs are in the present, your goals for the future, and most importantly, what it is you hope to achieve in our co-creation of your unique culture for long term stability.

As we talk, I will be making notes on resources and options for coordinating care that will be immediately relevant to you.

After your consult I will compile any resources and recommendations we discussed and make them available for you to take your next steps!

Initial consults are 1.5 to 2 hours in length and typically done via a secure Zoom video call in order to preserve patient/client privacy.  You may bring another person to your initial consult to support you. 

Consult billing includes regular email follow up and assistance on many of the small projects that arise at no additional cost. Our aim is to make your advocacy consulting and support as simple and helpful as possible. 

Follow Up 

Your first consult after our initial meeting is the follow-up. The purpose of this vital appointment is to go further into your needs and plan of advocacy care after I have had time to consider all of the information you provided me, and perform essential research into your unique needs and desires for ongoing medical care.

Regular Consults 

All other consults are regular meetings where we will update your progress, tackle new needs, emerging symptoms, and continue nurturing you long-term health and stability.  These are scheduled at your discretion, though I recommend no less than once a month for most patients due to the natural challenges and anxieties that arise in chronic conditions.

Most patients recently diagnosed with a hypermobility spectrum disorder such as EDS, or recently confirmed Autism with suspected HSD or other health condition, have immense need for support may benefit most from regular, weekly visits.

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