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Many services an advocate can provide may be unique to the client’s case. These Costs for Services reflect standard, basic care. Your plan of support-care will be discussed at your initial consult. Unless otherwise arranged, all standard consults are pay at time of service.

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Fascial Health

” I’m excited about these! It feels like my own personal “missing link” to aspects of post-tethered cord release healing I never found. Thank you so much!”

Belea Bower – EDS Patient


“It’s so heartening to see EDS patients, advocates and allies connect, especially when it’s led by an EDS-er.”

– Noelle H. EDS Patient

Hope and Empathy

“Rachel is a highly intelligent and perceptive listener who also has great empathy. I highly recommend her as a patient advocate. Her ability to listen and to empathise set up a great space for me to feel valued and heard.
I really enjoy working with her it feels like a team effort where we worked together to both set and achieve my desired goals.” – Tony Crowe

Advocacy Matters

“Rachel has been so helpful in finding proper medical care, gathering necessary info, prepping for appointments, all around supportive in every way. I highly recommend her!!” – Katie

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