Meet the Team

Want to turn your experience into hope for others?

We are now actively seeking Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patients who

would like to work or volunteer as advocacy consultants.

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In addition to new advocates, we are looking for a therapist who would like to work closely with Ehlers-Danlos and hypermobility spectrum disorder patients.

– There are hundreds of us in North Carolina alone who face physical, mental and emotional trauma from our condition on a daily basis, to which is added traumatic experiences with dismissive and ignorant medical professionals.  Furthermore, our children often have inherited our condition and we are attempting to care for them as well as ourselves against impossible organizational and financial odds. 

– Your services would be invaluable, and I am more than happy to support any professional education and insight into EDS patients and our experiences that you may need. 

Education Statement: RLPAC has a specialized approach to advocacy that seeks to equip advocates with the skills needed to bridge the gap between physician and patient, giving peace and stability to the patient and relieving the load of the physician through more accessible education and communication. We are passionate about quality medical care for our patients and also firmly supportive of the excellent physicians, PA’s and nurses who serve them. An excellent EDS advocate must learn to find balance between both worlds and help those in each world understand the other.